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"Les pions sont l´âme du jeu" Francois-André Philidor, 1749

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Jose's Blog

Ummm. Does Jose sell chess pieces or something? I notice he has been posting commercials for chess sets lately.


At 3/26/2005 2:41 PM, Blogger Temposchlucker said...

Yes, the site is a little vague. Maybe we must have another criterium to be allowed to the knigths errant: blogs must allow comments.

At 3/28/2005 10:45 AM, Blogger CelticDeath said...

I typically don't list someone as a knight until I'm comfortable that they:

1. Want to be called a knight
2. Keep an at least somewhat current blog
3. Follow, however loosely, some sort of De La Mazian training


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