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Monday, May 16, 2005

Ooooooh, another guantlet

The following conversation took place between RomaLavrn of Team DeLaMaza and FusterCluck of Team MFO. What do you guys think? Up for a challenge?

FusterCluck: We are beating U.S. open champion Georgi Orlov in a team game right now

FusterCluck: interesting disussions

FusterCluck: correspondece game that has been going for months


RomaLavrn: that is nice idea

FusterCluck: MFO vs. Georgi Orlov

FusterCluck: kind of like Kasparov vs. the world game

FusterCluck: actually, we are looking for an opponent for next team game. YOU SHOULD PLAY US!

FusterCluck: we have good rivalry going

FusterCluck: you and all your guys vs. us?

FusterCluck: all of you vs. all of mfo

FusterCluck: we usually have 6-10 people who participate in team game discussion

FusterCluck: since it is a correspondence game, not everyone has to participate every day

FusterCluck: some can take vacation

RomaLavrn: comps are not allowed. what is allowed?

FusterCluck: well, we have been debating the computers

FusterCluck: we prefer no computers

FusterCluck: but we have some players who would not mind a game with research allowed - using books or computer databases of games.

FusterCluck: but absolutely we don't want anyone to turn on the computer to run the chess engine

RomaLavrn: I agree about chess engine

FusterCluck: so, you guys could propose your terms... either NO COMPUTERS at all or COMPUTERS ONLY FOR RESEARCH.

FusterCluck: we need our next opponent soon. i think we have Georgi close to resigning

RomaLavrn: when to start?

FusterCluck: you can see how close to finishing our game with Georgi is

RomaLavrn: ok

FusterCluck: when the game ends...

FusterCluck: our game with Georgi has been very difficult

FusterCluck: first game vs. him was much easier

RomaLavrn: how you could beat him?

FusterCluck: we squashed him

FusterCluck: we beat him easilly last time we played him

FusterCluck: in a very tactical game

RomaLavrn: How could it be if he has enough time to think?

FusterCluck: because we had so many people to look at the tactics... we though together as one. like a computer

RomaLavrn: and which opening is so tactical?

FusterCluck: in the second game... he got smart. he played a very positional defense. the many team mates did not help us understand the positional subtleties

FusterCluck: he played us like a grandmaster plays a computer... positionally

FusterCluck: first game we beat him with Benoni


At 5/16/2005 10:52 PM, Blogger harmless said...

hey, I'd love to join the fics tournament. is it too late?

sounds like a lot of fun.

my name there is "xeones."

At 5/17/2005 4:24 AM, Blogger CelticDeath said...

I've never played a correspondence game before, and I don't own Chessbase (although I have Fritz). So, if it's an individual effort vs. individual effort us vs. them, my chances will be slim. If it's a team effort, though, I'd be up to it. I would be concerned, though, that our opps may use a chess engine anyway. And, if they did, how could we prove it?

At 5/17/2005 7:17 AM, Blogger Pawnsensei said...


No it's not too late. Glad you're on board!


It's a team effort. They have nothing to gain by using a chess engine. And if they did it would only hurt their development anyway. It's all for fun.


At 5/17/2005 8:19 AM, Blogger Pomaranch Captain said...

Hello! I'm RomaLavrn, captain of DeLaMaza and Pomaranch teams. When harmless joined us we can have a team that consists only of NE, that is bahus, psionic, CelticDeath and harmless. Without me :( I will be in Pomaranch team together with LLIAMAH. I hope you are eager to have a team of Knights, nice team. So I left. And PawnSensei will be your captain. But I will be captain of DeLaMaza U2000, in which we need one more strong player.

At 5/17/2005 11:19 AM, Blogger CelticDeath said...

Pawn Sensei, I would be game for that.

At 5/21/2005 8:11 AM, Blogger Pomaranch Captain said...

I propose to decline MFO's challenge. Our method of development has nothing to do with a correspondence game. We will fight MFO "face to face" in teamchess 45 45 tourney, so we dont need to make pleasure to our strongest opponents. Most of Knights are busy with circles and correspondence game is a waste of time. Instead I propose to Knights to make a Knight Tourney 120 0 Knockout system. Look my blog for more info.

So I vote for declining


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