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"Les pions sont l´âme du jeu" Francois-André Philidor, 1749

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Micro Drills Day 10

Did two concentric circles today. Also had a couple of games on the MSN Zone. I think I lost all of them.

First time playing a quick game (5 mins) and ran out of time. Then tried a 10 min game and ran out of time again. I really have to practice my clock management. Anyway, I can't practice De La Maza's method of 2 mins per move with those types of games.

Borrowed two books from the library. Winning Chess Tactics by Seirawan and 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate by Reinfeld. I really like Seirawan's books. His style is easy to follow and reader friendly. The current opening that I am using comes from his book on openings.

My trip is tomorrow so I'll have to take my crappy travel board with me. It will probably slow my drills down but I am resolved to continue during my vacation. My family will probably think I am nuts. Which reminds me. My co-worker who I told about my chess hobby called me a nerd the other day. I wonder if others will respond the same?


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