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Thursday, April 21, 2005

A dark day indeed

Don has just announced his intention to retire from the Order of the Knights. If his decision is final it is a sad sad day. Since I started my chess journey last November Don and the Knights have been an inspiration and source of encouragement for me. His humor and upbeat attitude through the circles made me feel less daunted by the task.

I hope De La Maza's program doesn't destroy people's enjoyment of chess. I mean, the founder himself quit chess shortly after completing the program. If that is true then I don't want to do the program anymore. For me chess IS my life and I don't want to lose it due to burn out.

Completed the Idiot's Guide yesterday. I am starting Play Winning Chess today.

Challenges completed: 443
Average of all scores: 87


At 4/22/2005 8:29 AM, Blogger scitcat said...

Hey Pawn Sensei,
I guess it's possible to burn out on chess, but I can't see most knights giving up the game if they complete the program. I mean, how could you quit playing altogether allowing all that hard-earned tactical prowess go to waste?

At 4/23/2005 3:57 AM, Blogger Don Q. said...

Don't worry. I'm as active at chess as I've ever been. In fact, while I was in the throws of Life with Michael, I often had to cut back on my OTB play. There just wasn't time, particularly in the last two months. I play a rated game a week at club, and I hope to be able to get in a weekend swiss in the next couple of months.

I am suspicious that I have let a little rust start to form on my tactical game by not keeping a routine of exercises since finishing the circles, but that's OK with with me. I'm only interested in keeping the long term benefit.

At 5/13/2005 2:55 PM, Blogger SatishTalim said...

Don, good to hear that.


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