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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Play Winning Chess

Finished the book yesterday. I still like the Idiot's Guide better but had some gems in there too. I especially liked the annotated games at the end of the book.

Started on Unbeatable Chess Lessons for Juniors today and finished the first game so far. At this rate it shouldn't take me longer than two weeks to complete the book. I'm still working on Chess Mentor but once that's done I'll be moving on to Don's Inferno.

Finally, I'm going to my first tournament in a couple of weeks so we'll see where my studies have placed me. I think I get a rating after my first tourney.


At 4/27/2005 10:35 AM, Blogger Temposchlucker said...

Finally, I'm going to my first tournament in a couple of weeks


At 4/27/2005 11:48 AM, Blogger CelticDeath said...

Good luck, Pawn Sensei. I had to start back as an unrated player back in 1996 after having had a rating in the 1980's (USCF lost their records on it, so my rating was reset). My first round game was against someone in the middle of the pack, around a 1650 rating, so expect a tough first round. I gave my opp a good run for his money, but ended up losing. Anyhow, if for some reason, that first round doesn't work out then don't let yourself get discouraged. The remaining rounds should be against somewhat easier competition.Learn from your games. I think you'll find them better learning experiences than Internet games.

At 4/27/2005 1:58 PM, Blogger Pale Morning Dun - Errant Knight de la Maza said...

Despite my results, I had a great time last weekend playing OTB. It's a true test, and is great fun when it turns your way.


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