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"Les pions sont l´âme du jeu" Francois-André Philidor, 1749

Friday, June 17, 2005

Knightwiz and Harmless

I was forced to agree to a game time for the both of you since neither of you posted anything to the forum.

Knightwizzy - Sunday, 11:00 FICS

Xeones - Sunday, 9:00 FICS

If you want to reschedule I suggest you start doing it soon or else you will have to show up at that time. Here is what the handbook says about rescheduling:

Rescheduling. Once a game time has been offered and accepted, it is considered to be binding on both players. However, up to the end of the 30-minute grace period, a player may ask his opponent to reschedule the game. The opponent may either agree to the request or not, and does not need to give a reason.


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