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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Does Anyone Read This?

Back from my trip and had two nice surprises waiting for me at home. (Not including my girlfriend of course.) My CT-Art and the nice big box from Wholesale Chess. The set is AWESOME. Nice quadruple weighted pieces (two lovely pounds of chess pieces), bag, and digital clock. I gave my old standard set to my little bro cause he only has a cheap $2 hollow plastic set at his house.

I only got one response from the Knights on our ICQ site. Does that mean no one is reading my posts? Good grief. Am I THAT boring? I hope all of the Knights, including DG, can sign up before next Sunday. I'll put a poll for the next meeting time.

I was real busy on my trip. Got very little sleep and almost didn't get to set up my Dad's computer before leaving. He's connected now and I put my blog in his favorites so hopefully he'll get to follow my progress as well. I did finish chapter five from Seirawan's book. Now I only have eight more to go. I'm starting to struggle with the problems so I might do one more round before starting CT-Art, especially from the feedback of the other Knights. I say this again, I strongly believe that a good tactics base will pay off when I start the circles.


At 1/31/2005 2:23 AM, Blogger Don Q. said...

Working on it Pawn Sensei. Just registered at Will finish registration tonight when I get home (if I don't forget which I am highly likely to do).

At 1/31/2005 4:37 AM, Blogger Jim said...

I guess I was the one Knight who responded to the ICQ offer. Let me know when you I can get in. . .

At 1/31/2005 1:41 PM, Blogger generalkaia said...


I can't sign up for the site because my computer is acting wierd lately. I will try to join on a different computer, maybe the library's. I want to join, but I can't (yet!).


At 1/31/2005 2:27 PM, Blogger Pawnsensei said...

Hi guys,

Don, sounds good. After everyone registers we can hold the meetings on ICQ.

Jon, I did get your request and added you on Saturday. Let me know if you have a hard time getting in.

Generalkaia, sorry to hear that man. Does that mean you haven't been able to play online chess?


At 2/01/2005 2:16 PM, Blogger generalkaia said...

No, I have been able to play online chess. Unfortunately, my computer is old, and has a hard time when it comes to "secure connections" (sort of an oxymoron if you think about it). I hope to join soon.


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