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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Circle 0 Day 4

Finished chapters 8 and 9 today. Only four more chapters to go before the final test in the book. After that it's on to CT Art if I do ok on the test. I still haven't heard back from all of the knights for our ICQ group so it looks like we will be meeting at Pogo again if at all. I hope someone shows up so I can at least get a game in. The poll on the ICQ site has two votes for 6pm PST but since half of the knights aren't even registered for the group......

I was able to meet with my coach on Thursday. He recommended I stick with tactics for now. He analyzed my game and wants me to practice my counter-attack and full development. He noticed that I have a tendency to start an attack prematurely, and I need a stronger counter when my oponents aim for my kingside.

Still losing every game but my game tightens up a little bit more every time so it's bearable. I want to start entering online leagues but I don't feel comfortable being on a team yet. I don't feel like I could contribute significantly enough. Maybe one of these days the knights might want to create a 45 45 team. I probably won't be playing much but I make a pretty decent benchwarmer!

I still haven't started making a weekly training schedule. I hope I can sit my butt down and do that tomorrow. I mean, how hard is it to write down: Monday - Chapter 11, Tuesday - Chapter 12, etc.


At 2/06/2005 11:57 AM, Blogger DG said...

The SuperBowl makes my attendance unlikely - unless the Patriots are being blown out by halftime (heaven forbid!).

At 2/06/2005 4:01 PM, Blogger Pawnsensei said...

Oops, forgot about the Superbowl! Thanks for the reminder DG.



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