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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Circle 0 Day 5

Finished chapters 10 and 11. Only two more to go. I will probably finish tomorrow then take the test on Tuesday. Reviewed the concentric circles and knight sight and reviewed the Tartakover game. I didn't realize that I had forgotten the two GM games I memorized last month. I have to make it a point to review each game at least once a month. I plan to add at least one more game to my list.

Went 1 and 1 today on FICS. I won the first game because my oponent made a mouse slip at a crucial point near the endgame and resigned. My second game was going well all the way up to the last couple of moves. I was up material and had a good position but I panicked and made the wrong moves with my rooks. Fritz confirmed this in the postmortem. BTW, it was my first time using Fritz and that program is hella fun. Don was right, it's like having a pro for a friend who will analyze games with you any time you feel like it. Best $10 I ever spent!

I watched Pogo and ICQ from 6pm PST just in case anyone showed up. While I was waiting I sat in a lecture for hypermodern tactics. Pretty interesting stuff. I also listened to a lecture on bughouse. Bughouse sounds like fun but I think I'll stick to my standard time controls until I get the hang of standard chess. It sounds like you can easily pick up some bad habits if you play too much bughouse.


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